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Writer – Five Minute Friday

Usually when I get blogs sent to my email, I delete them in a hurry to “clean-up” and move on, forgetting the whole reason I subscribed in the first place. Today, something caught me and I stopped to read Lisa-Jo Baker’s post “Five Minute Friday:Writer”. Here’s the skinny: 

Each Friday, write on the given prompt for five minutes flat. No major editing, no worrying about punctuation or grammar – just write. Then post and share. Oh, and encourage the person who shared before you. That’s the ONLY rule. It’s a good rule.

Well…that sounded like an attainable challenge, one right up my alley. And so, I’m joining in. I’m inconsistent at best with posting, and maybe, hopefully, this can be a really, really good thing for me. 

Here we go…


This word brings up so many thoughts and emotions in me. I love writing. I’ve loved it since I learned how to write. I would steal away and write stories about anything and everything, but I was always afraid to share them, afraid to hear the critiques and the “This would be better if…” I mean after all I was 7 years old, I wrote for the adventure of it.

As an adult I have longed to sit down and write. I have a million stories in my mind, but always with the question – is it worth writing these stories? Is it worth the time, the criticism, the questions? And yet, so often in my life people have spoken over me about writing, about pouring myself out on the page. A quill pen, a symbol that was imprinted on my heart 6 years ago, and still, I don’t write.

Writing is intimate in its creation. And then so violently and quickly it becomes public. What you write and post you can’t take back – someone somewhere has seen it. How do you form into words those feelings those thoughts, so that they can be understood and shared? How do you take your heart and lay it on a page and watch as the world comes to take a look?

So I write. Privately. Secretly. And on rare occasional I’ll let someone in to read it. I’ll let someone see my heart there – red against white.

But I want to be a brave writer. I want to tell a story and to change a heart. I want to say “It’s okay – you’re not alone.”



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