The Question of Sushi

I love sushi, but I do not love the price tag. When my husband and I go for sushi we can easily drop $40 before drinks. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a habit I can keep up. And so, inevitably, there became: The Question of Sushi. It’s quite simple: How can I eat sushi whenever I want and still keep house and home?

The answer came one day as I was walking through the commissary — there in the “Asian” aisle I saw Nori. “Nori…” I thought to myself, “I wonder if I could MAKE sushi…” I pondered it hopefully, made a few google searches and finally one day at Wal-Mart I made the decision. I bought Nori ($2.50), Imitation Crab ($2.50), Wasabi ($1.50) and Cucumber ($.15), came home, opened up my trusty lap top and asked the internet “What can I make with this?” And the internet answered: Spicy Crab Sushi. The following is my excursion into basic American Sushi making. If you’relooking for the super-duper fancy stuff, well I’m not there yet and neither is my budget. But for those frequent sushi cravings, this sure hits the spot!

Spicy Crab Sushi

The Ingredients:

6-7 pieces of Nori

3-4 Imitation Crab Legs (Aquaman)

3 Tbs Mayonnaise

1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper OR 1tsp Sriracha Sauce

2 Green Onions, minced

1/2 Cucumber, peeled, sliced thinly

1 Cup cooked Jasmine rice

Sesame Seeds (optional)

Wasabi (optional)

The first item of business is to cook the rice. After you get that going on the stove or a fancy rice maker, start in on the Cucumber — first, peel it & core it so it looks like this:

Then slice it into match sticks. The precise size is up to you, but they shouldn’t be too thick. Cut the crab into inch size pieces and slice and dice the green onions:

Shred the crab and mix with, green onions, mayonnaise and cayenne (or sriracha):

Now that the filling is mixed, you’ll need to prepare your counter for sushi rolling. I use a cutting board, and plastic wrap. Lay the plastic wrap flat on the counter, behind it have your cutting board with the Nori — this is where the fun happens:

I am doing an “outside roll” which means that the rice will be on the outside instead of the inside. I carefully smooth a layer of rice across the Nori, covering as much as I can. I took to using a wooden spoon instead of my fingers. If you chose to do it by hand, make sure you have a bowl of water to dip your fingers in to make sure the rice doesn’t stick to you:

Once the Nori is covered you may sprinkle sesame seeds across the rice if you like. Next,  I carefully flip it, rice-side down, onto the plastic wrap:

Now it’s time to place the filling. I take about 1Tbs of the spicy crab mixture and place it 1/2 inch from the edge. Then I place a piece of cucumber on either side (so the crab doesn’t get lonely):

Now it’s time to roll! Carefully lift the edge of the plastic wrap, and begin rolling the sushi. Make sure to  pull out the plastic wrap as you go. Roll it as tightly as you can, but be careful not to push out the filling from the sides:

Once it’s rolled, slice it into three pieces and voila, there’s your Sushi!

You can make other variations, add or take away whatever you like, but this is the basic concept of sushi making. I like to serve with soy sauce (diluted with a dash of water) and the tiniest bit of wasabi. Delicious!

Here is another variation I did with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. Same idea only I did this as an inside roll — lay out the rice on the Nori as usual, then just place the ingredients on top of the rice and roll. Simple and oh so scrumptious!

I hope that this inspires you to try your own sushi creations at home. Save money and have a fun night in with the hubby!

Full Recipe & Instructions for my version here:

Makes 6-7 small rolls (3 pieces each)


  • 6-7 pieces of Nori (hand roll size)
  • 3 Aquaman Imitation Crab logs (Leg Style Crab Flavored Seafood)
  • 3 Tbs Mayonnaise
  • ½ tsp Cayenne Pepper (or Sriracha sauce)
  • 2 Green onions minced
  • ½ Cucumber, peeled and sliced thinly
  • 1 cup cooked rice (jasmine, or fancy sushi rice)
  • Sesame Seeds (optional)


  1. Cook rice according to package directions.
  2. Cut the crab into inch size pieces and then shred. Add mayonnaise, cayenne pepper and minced green onions, mix and set aside.
  3. Peel, core and slice the cucumber, set aside.
  4. Lay one piece of Nori flat on your work surface. Spread cooked rice across the Nori to cover. Have water to dip your fingers in to help the rice from sticking to your fingers. When Nori is covered, sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  5. Lay out a piece of plastic wrap on your work surface, flip the Nori rice side down onto the plastic wrap. Take about one Tbs of the crab mixture and lay across the short end of the Nori. Then put a slice of cucumber on either side of the crab mixture.
  6. Use the plastic wrap to help you roll the sushi. Lift it up and begin to roll – gently pull out the plastic wrap as you roll so that it doesn’t get caught in the sushi. Roll as tightly as you can without squeezing out the filling.
  7. Carefully slice the sushi into pieces and serve.

NOTE: Serve with soy sauce and wasabi to dip.


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