I Made Earrings!

It’s true, I did it! I have never thought of myself as a crafty person, not because I lack creativity but because I lack patience. If I can’t finish it in one sitting and proudly show off my results, it probably just won’t happen. Is this a good quality? No, but at least I know myself, so that’s something!

Now to the earrings!  I was Pinterest’ing one day and came across this tutorial on Eat Breathe Design by Heidi. I was inspired. But true to me, I purchased all the wrong stuff and was still determined to succeed! I dutifully followed Heidi’s instructions and came up with two very novice looking earrings (see below). After much wire and trials and fails I came up withe a modified version that I was happy with.

Check out Heidi’s tutorial here on Eat Breathe Design first, then you can see my changes below.

As I said before I am a novice at crafts so I didn’t have the fancy wire tools that Heidi had in her blog, so I improvised:

I bought bags of beads for $1 at Wal-Mart and put together these two — so purty!

I tried to do the neat wrap that Heidi did but because my beads were oval (she said not to use oval but I did…) it didn’t turn out quite like her photographs:

So I did a simple wrap up the side of the bead, one wrap around the space between the big bead and the small bead, then wrap up the side of the small bead and finish by wrapping around the top twist (that made sense right?):

 And Voila! My earrings!

These have a much better chance of shouting “You made this yourself??” I’ll have them practice before Christmas.

Check out more jewelry designs at Eat Breathe Design and be inspired!



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4 responses to “I Made Earrings!

  1. CanadianDefector

    I think you are only a hop, skip and a jump away from a new found career! Very pretty!

  2. Hey, you tried. They still look pretty!

  3. Thanks everyone! They were super fun and easy, glad you liked them!

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